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TALE OF A HOUSE BOY … (18+) … Part 18


*** i was loitering around in that area,
God what will i tell my parent?
I later decided to inform
Mrs sharp sharp on phone that am stranded and she didn’t ask me what happen
and she told me to come back to her house. I went back to her house,
when i got there,she was already on her nite garment and i sat down
with a frowned face***
mrs: what happened?
Me: when i got down the road,as i was waiting for bike that will take me home….
Suddenly i saw a group of boys coming to me,
i wanted to run but i said no… When they approached me,they started asking me questions.
I didn’t even knw that they are policemen,i thought they are an arm robbers.
one of them told me that,
a woman was kidnapped in that area and they were
commanded to arrest anybody found around that area.
They got me arrested and i started pleading with them to release me but they refused and said
that am going to remain in their custody
till the investigation will
be over.
Mrs:*** she screamed *** Jesus Christ!
So what later
Me: i continue pleading with them when one of them ask
me to pay.
I gave them that money you gave
to me and
freed me and go.
Mrs: thank God oooo,
they only took money from you and
nothing else.
Me:*** Frowned face *** please help me,
i want to go home….
Mrs: home? You have to sleep over
and go in the morning..
Me: you knw that wouldn’t be possible naw….
Am still in my parents house
Mrs : i knw but its too late.
Me: i must go home this nite or
my parent will disown me…
They will still query me if i get home
this nite,
talkmore of sleeping over.
Mrs:you knw how peril that road use to be in the nite.
You can’t risk your life bcos your parent will
disown you…

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What if you die in the process,what will be the fate of your family?
Did you inform any of your family members
where you are going to?
Me: no
Mrs: you see my dear you can’t go dis nite.
Remember ,they killed someone
recently in that road,
who knws the next person,
so my dear i dnt want to loose you
neither do your family.
So chill and sleepover,
your parent can never kill you…
*** i was muted but unpertubed.
I don’t knw
what else to say ***
go inside the bathroom and take
your bath,
let me dish out food so that we can eat.
Me: what will i tell them if
i get home tommorow morning?
Mrs: till then,i will tell you…
Me: what about school,
wouldn’t i go to school?
Mrs: you will,
you will take your bath in the morning
and i will carry you with my car to
your house..
I will explain to your parent by
my self ok…
Me: what will you tell them..
Mrs: leave that to
me dear .*** she pecked me *** my dear go and take
your bath.
*** i went inside the
bathroom and took my bath,
she gave me cream and
as i was robbing it on my
She came closer to me ***
Mrs: can i help you to rob your back?
Me: *** frowned ***
Mrs: common baby boy *** she took the cream from me and started to rob my back.. Did i even say rob,she started caressing my back.
As she was doing that,
i groaned in pressure and pounces on her.
I started kissing her,
at a point she unclad herself.
I located her boobs and
started doing justice to them,
my phone started to ring ,
i abandoned her and to check who is calling me and
its my dad calling.
My heart skipped and my erected d–k
go down immediately.
She asked,
who is calling you?
I didn’t answer
her cos she
was the one that put me in that mess.
Where will i tell him that i am in this nite?
Its almost 11pm….


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