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SHE IS A SL_UT … (18+) … Part 13


My phone fell off as the door creaked open.
I already started sweating and panting like someone who was involved in a marathon race.
OK once the person comes in, I’ll scream.
The door flew open and “aaaaaaahhhhh” I screamed out my lungs but stopped when I saw the person.
“Sam” I called and heaved a sigh of relief.
“what are you doing here, how did you open the door and why were you knocking like that ” I asked and sat on the bed.
“it was raining so I had to knock hard, I used this to open the door ” he said waving something like a sharp iron that looks like screw driver at me.
“you look like a robber with that ” I said and he chuckled.
“and I came here to see Andrea ” he said and I sighed.
“you came here to see Andrea ” I asked.
“yeah ” he nodded.
“she went to my aunts house so she won’t be coming home today ” I lied.
“oh ” he breathed out.
“so you’re home alone” he said and I nodded.
“I could keep you company if you want ” he said and I giggled.
I turned and looked at him coz his eyes were on me.
It felt awkward so I looked away but it was as if his eyes were calling me so I stared deep into them.
I wrapped my hands around his neck as our lips moved in perfect sync.
I opened up and gave him entrance and he slid in his tongue, teasing me.
I was so lost in the wet kiss that I didn’t notice he was on top of me until it hit me.
He came here for Andrea and I’m making out with him.
I pulled away and pushed him off me and arranged my clothes.
I sighed as I looked everywhere but him.

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“I.. Uhm… I think I should leave ” he stuttered and I nodded shyly.
He got up and with one last glance at me, he went out.
What’s wrong with me?
I laid on my bed with the duvet covering half of my body and I drifted off to sleep.
Andrea’s P. O. V
I turned to face Bryan and snuggled closer into him.
“hey I need to go to work OK ” he said as I wasn’t ready to let him go.
“hey ” he said but I kept mute and held him tighter.
“don’t you want me to go ” he asked and I nodded negatively.
“OK do you want us to have another round ” he asked and I chuckled..
“if you want ” I replied.
“I’d love to but I need to get going now “he said and I buried my face on his chest.
“OK let’s do it this way, I’ll go to work and come back early then we’ll go on a date ” he said and I sat up.
“really ” I asked happily and he smiled then nodded.
No one has ever taken me out on a date before, I feel special.
“OK ” I said in agreement and he kissed my lips before going into the shower.
He dressed up and left for work after giving me a peck on my cheek.
I might be his personal slut but I feel so special with him.
I got up, freshened up and prepared myself breakfast then ate.
I went upstairs back to Bryan’s room and sat on his bed.
This is the perfect time to know about Esmeralda.
I opened the door to the other room and went in.
Sam’s P. O. V
I kept tossing and turning on my bed as I swam in my own pool of thoughts.
I don’t know what’s wrong.
Why did I kiss Lillie?
I thought I’m in love with Andrea.
Everything is so complicated.
I think I’m having mixed feelings.
Who do I truly love?
Andrea or Lillie?
Andrea’s P. O. V
All I could get were photos of a beautiful woman.
I took the photos, going through them one after the other.
She had brown hair, grey eyes, oval face and the perfect smile.
She’s so beautiful but who’s she?
I squatted down to open the drawer attached to the table but froze when I heard his voice.
“how dare you ” he said, his voice deep and the photos dropped.
I turned with a pounding heart to see Bryan at the door with his fist in a ball and clenched jaw.
OK I’m in for it.


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