MY MOTHER IN-LAW…..(18+)…..Part 21


When I entered,
I greeted her and she told me to sit down.
MA’AM: Igwe how’re you doing?
ME: I’m ok ma’am and you?
MA’AM: not fully ok. I really miss you more especially your touch.
** I looked at her and smiled.** will you be less busy this weekend?
ME: yes ma’am.
MA’AM: I want you to come over to that same hotel and meet me tomorrow morning.
ME: yes ma’am.
MA’AM: I hope you’ve bought another phone?
ME: yes ma’am
MA’AM: Here is my phone,,,, add your number ** she gave me her phone.
I added my number to her phone and used it to flash my phone
So that I’ll install her number too.** you can go back to your office.
** as I was about to go, she called me back** igwe you want to go without giving me a kiss.
** I walked back to her chair where she was seated and held her head.
I placed my mouth on hers and we started kissing.
She was m0an!ng inside the office.
I decided not to go further because someone
Might come to visit her.
I deviate my mouth from hers.
She called me “bad boy!”
I smiled and went back to the office.
After the day’s work,
I went home.
I was so worried that Jummy might call me
When I’ll visit
Lady Pat in the hotel.
I think of what to do.
Some minutes later,
An idea entered my head.
I called Jummy and told her that I’ll
Be going on a business seminar tomorrow,
That she shouldn’t call because we don’t pick calls.
She concord.

We started with our normal talking.
The next day,
I tidied my room and prepared breakfast.
I decided to
call Lady Pat to confirm the time.
She told me that It’ll be in the evening time.
I la!d down to rest.
As I was resting, a voice was telling me,
“Where are you preparing to go?
When will you repent and turn to God?
Why are you relaying on a human being for help?
Do you know if this place you’re about to go will ruin your life?”
As I was about to get the question clearly well,
My eyes opened.
I started thinking about what that questions I heard mean.
I started having double mind about ,
The place am preparing to go.
After like 30mins time,
Madam called and told me to be coming that she’s there already.
I looked at the time and it’s 5pm.
” so this woman want me to spend the
Night with her right.
I started thinking again,
Whether to go or not.
I was still in my house and her call came in again.
I refused to pick her call.
She called again and I still refused to pick up.
“Is either I go to meet her or consider myself sacked from her company.
I became confused and didn’t know what to do.


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