MY MOTHER IN-LAW…..(18+)…..Part 20


ME: val what did you mean?
VAL: yes igwe, I got her pregnant.
ME: How did it happened?
VAL: There was one special day,
I was driving home from
I saw her standing at the road side waiting for taxi.
I stopped and asked her to come in,
She agreed.
Along the line,
I started communicating with her, I asked her for her number and she gave me without any question.
We started chatting on phone. One Sunday afternoon,
I asked her for a date, she agreed.
ME: where was Yvonne that Sunday,
Because I know she always visit you every Sunday?
VAL: She travelled to her village.
ME: alright,,,,,,,go ahead.
VAL: we went on a date that Sunday. That was where I got to know her background.
I pitied her when she told me that she lost her family in a ghastly motor accident.
After much merriment that day,
I took her
home and as usual slept with her.
I had an unprotected s-x with her. After that day,
The next day, she called and told me that she’s looking for a job.
That I should help her to look for any job. That time was when our madam was still looking for a cleaner.
I asked her if she can work as a cleaner and she said yes with all pressure.
I contacted my madam and she employed her without application letter.
She’s a new worker in this our company.
She started not less than two months ago.
ME: hmm,,,,,,, but why are both of you not doing as if you know each other.
Mehn! You dey strict for where she dey.
VAL: Huge man, you wouldn’t
Understand. After that day,
I told her not to call me again that I has a girlfriend which am not ready to lose yet.
That we can be talking in the office but she refused and continued calling me on phone both in the midnight.
Anytime she called me,
She’ll be telling me that she loved me, that I can’t break her heart and go away.
I was shunning her whenever she call me and says that.
I started hating her
The time she wanted to trating me.
Igwe am totally confused.
I don’t know what to do.
ME: My guy, it’s well. Calm down, I’ll talk to her.
Lemme send for her now. ** I placed a call to our receptionist to call Clara to our office.
She asked if everything is OK and
I told her nothing is wrong just that our office
Is filthy and needed to be tidy up,
Hung up.

Some minute later,
Clara entered with her sweeping items.
She greeted us. **
ME: Clara please, I call you here for one thing.
**i points at val** Do you know him?
CLARA: ** she looked at val and smiled** yes I knew him.
ME: who is he to you?
CLARA: sir I don’t understand all this your question.
VAL: Clara just answer him.
ME: Clara tell me the truth, are you pregnant for him?
CLARA: val what’s the meaning of all this?
Igwe I so much respect you in this company.
VAL: say the truth
CLARA:Yes, am pregnant for him.
** I told them that,
Our office is not the right place for this discussion.
As we were still discussing, our office phone rang and I picked it.
” igwe come to my office right now” our madam said.
I sent Clara away sharp sharp.
Val and I started wondering
Why she called me.
E be like say she over heard us.
we’re in for it.


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