MY MOTHER IN-LAW…..(18+)…..Part 19


We cuddled each other for some minutes,
I tackled her shirt and removed it.
In a twinkle of an eyes, I got her naked .
I told her to strip me too
She removed my singlet and threw it away.
She was removing my down wears gradually till I was fully naked.
I prefer making love naked than putting on cloth.
I la!d on the ground and she la!d ontop me.
We started with a kiss,
Gradually my hands started moving down to her down chamber.
I started robbing her k–ttycat so hard.
I pulled down my mouth to her n—–s and started manipulating it.
She was m0an!ng with a low soft tone.
We made love till our bodies were high and
Ready to receive each other.
As I was about to dig inside her,
She stopped me.
“This is not the best place for a responsible man
To do this.
Take me inside the bedroom” she said.
Without hesitating, I carried her to my inner chamber and dropped her on the bed.
Jummy was naturally beautiful,
I must confess.
I parted her legs for full penetration.
I pushed the head of my d–k inside her,
She shook her waist in pleasure.
I started doing addition and subtraction of d–k.
For some minutes,
She started screaming lowly for me to stop but it seems that
Time was my most pleasurable hour during that s-x.
Her k–ttycat was still tight and that’s why I was enjoying it.
Her screaming started becoming loud and I stopped.
During s-x,
Don’t bent on only your satisfaction but
Consider your partner,
That is if you want to
Have a good s-x with
Your partner.
She told me that she want to rest,
That I should give her a minute.
She ran inside the bathroom and came out immediately.
We started from where we stopped.
She c-m first before I c-m inside her.
After the s-x, we la!d down naked.
“Igwe I really enjoyed this,
Hope you did?” She asked.
I smiled,
“Why not,
I enjoyed it too”
I replied.
After 5mins of resting,
We marched inside the bathroom and took our bath together.
She told me, she’s hungry and I rushed outside and bought noodles.
She prepared it and we ate together.
That night, I decided not to touch her bcos too much of s-x,
Makes your partner to look common.

The next day,
She mopped every where and kept my house in other.
I decided not to touch her that Saturday and the next day,
We went to church.
In the evening of that same day,
She prepared to go. I thanked her for the visit.
ME: so sweetie, when next should I been expecting you?
JUMMY: I’ll go back to where am doing my NYSC.
So any time, I’ll be back
I’ll visit you.
ME: Thank you so much.
JUMMY: you’re welcome dearie.
Please I don’t want any girl to come close to you
Bcos if they do, one of us will go to heaven that day!
** She was smiling as she’s saying this and I laughed and assured her that my body
Is all for her.
I moved closer to her and started kissing her.
I kissed her to a point that her body melt down and I carried her to the bedroom and we
Had a quickie.
Thereafter, I followed her out and Helped her to open the gate.
We kissed before she drove off.
In the night, I called her and she told
Me she’s lying down.
We discussed a little before I hung up.
Next day, I went to work,
On getting to the office,
Val was already there in the office,
rumpled his face.
We greeted before I asked him what
The problem is. He told me it’s about the girl he got pregnant.
I told him that we’ll visit the girl if he
Knows her house so that to settle this amicably.
VAL: igwe you’re my best friend and I can’t lie to you.
To tell you the truth, the girl I got pregnant is
Our office cleaner, Clara.
ME: what!!!


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