MY MOTHER IN-LAW…..(18+)…..Part 18


When I
opened the gate, i saw a man as he stood at our gate and I asked him who he was looking for.
MAN: please I’m looking for Mr Igwe.
ME: ** I looked at him…. Who knows if he’s been sent by someone to waste me.
I was so scare to tell him, am the one ** Is there any problem?
MAN: No, there is no problem.
ME: I’m the one, so how may I help you?
MAN: **He brought one package and gave to me.
** I looked at him in amazement **
ME: please whats this?
MAN: Please sir, The sender told us not to tell you the name.
When you open it, you gat to know who the person is.
ME: Alright.
** He gave me some paper to sign and I signed.
He left ,
I moved in with the package.
When I got inside the house, I opened it and it was Jummy.
I breadth down and read the letter she dropped inside.
The letter says,
” when I closes my eyes,
I only see your shadow
But when I opens I see nobody.
I set a test for you and you passed it
Which 90% of guys will fail woefully.
Love you”
After reading the letter, I smiled to myself.
I unsealed the package wella and it was phone(infinix note 6) ,
A Brand new one with already registered sim card.
I was like,
What is the hell am I seeing?
I found out that,
Every misfortune in a man’s life is a system of upgrading.
She wrote her number in that pieces of paper.
I insert the sim and ON the phone.
I decided not to call her till when am through with what am doing.
I took my bath and prepared my dinner.
I went outside and bought recharge card,
I called her and thanked her for the gift.
That was when I installed whatsapp and telegram.
The next day, I went to work, Val was already in the office.
I was surprised because he came before me.
Ever since I started working in that company,
He haven’t come to work before me.
He was seated on his seat, looking like someone who is thinking.
He didn’t even notice my present when
I came in.
I called him twice before he answered me.

I started asking him what the problem is and he refused to tell me.
I looked into his eyes and asked him again.
VAL: igwe, there was a girl I met the other time on the road,
I gave her a lift.
Along the line,
I got her number.
One day, I invited her to my house.
ME: and what happened?
VAL: I slept with her unprotected.
She called me this morning and told me she’s pregnant.
ME: Val why now, why did you had raw s-x with her.
VAL: it wasn’t my fault.
ME: then who’s fault?
VAL: That day when I want to sleep with her,
I look for CD where I normally kept it but found none.
I wanted to go and buy it but she declined and told me to s-x her raw.
ME: Then why didn’t you use withdrawal method?
VAL: I haven’t try that before. Igwe please advice me on what to do,
I don’t want to loose Yvonne.
ME: but Val you fu-Ckup oooo! You know all this street girls are looking for whom to get them pregnant and marry them.
Anyway the did has been done,
There is only three options in this case Is either you open up to Yvonne or she terminate the baby or you marry her.
** our madam called Val and told him to submit the delivery note to her office.
We pursed our discussion and concentrated on our work.
One week later,
Jummy called and told me she want to pay me a visit.
One Friday evening, I bought so many cooking items and kept in the cupboard.
She arrived to my house by 8pm.
I ushered her in immediately. As we entered the parlor, I moved closer to her and held her head and started kissing her.
She wanted to resist me but I knew some girls weak point when it comes to that.
I calmed her down and she got relaxed on the sofa as we cuddled each other.


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