MY MOTHER IN-LAW…..(18+)…..Part 15


ME: so sorry my dear. That’s one of the problems we’re facing today in our society.
JUMMY: Even we ladies. One of my friend nearly lured me into l£sb!anism but I found out on time and quit our friendship.
So tell me about yourself, your educational level,
Background and your relationship.
ME: I’m igwe chukwujekwu, from Enugu state.
My father is late, my mother is a farmer.
I graduated last two years but no job since then but finally God has done it
For me.
JUMMY : waoh!
ME: I’ve a girlfriend called Jane but I didn’t love her.
JUMMY: hmm… You didn’t love her! Why?
ME: I went to a party and took her home,
Under the influence of alcohol.
Thereafter, she continued visiting and helping me in some domestic works.
So because of this, I didn’t know how to resist her,
She’s not my type.
JUMMY : why is she not your type? Is she not beautiful or doesn’t have a good character?
ME: she has all that but I don’t love her.
She’s a s-x addict and that’s what I hate.
JUMMY: ** she giggled** is it not what you guys want,
So why are you complaining?
ME: I’m not that type and that’s why I want her to go and look for same s-x addict like her.
JUMMY : is she still visiting you?
ME: I have warned her to stop coming but she insisted.
JUMMY: I don’t know why some girls are foolish, anyway,
You can change her character If you wish to.
ME: she should go to hell.
JUMMY : why can’t you get one to yourself if you doesn’t love her?
ME: i have already done that.
JUMMY: waoh! So nice of you. Can’t wait to see her. Why hasn’t she come and see you since you came back from hospital or
Has she come and go?
ME: she did.
JUMMY: she came in the afternoon,because I haven’t seen her?
ME: is you jummy.
JUMMY: me!!!
ME: yes.
JUMMY ever since I saw you, i haven’t been myself.
I’ve been praying for a day like this so that I’ll express my emotions towards you and here it is.

Jummy what can make a man to
Last long in this world is
Money and woman and it can equally kill a
Man prematurely if care is not taken.
You’re beautiful, humble and respectful and that’s the qualities that shows
A real woman. *** I la!d my one hand on her shoulder and was looking at her eyes** you had a flat tyre the first day we met in that place,
And I haven’t help anybody to do that but
When I saw you, I was pushed by my spirit and secondly,
We still met again and that’s
Shows there is something about us which we’re yet to know.
JUMMY: what do you want from me igwe?
ME: just make me your man and I’ll also make you ,not only my woman but my queen.
JUMMY: igwe do you know why I came to your house?
ME: no. I didn’t.
JUMMY: I came to your house because I love you ** immediately I heard that,
I was so happy.
I felt like a man been hosted in heaven.
That day was one of my happiest moment in life**
ME: you came because you love me?
JUMMY: yes…. You see igwe, I once had a brother but he died five years ago by Accident.
ME: So sorry about that.
JUMMY: he is my elder brother and I loves him so much. When I met you,
Little we have stayed ,
I discovered that you had the same character with him.
I love you like my elder brother so due take me as your sister.
If you have a problem, you lemme know and
If i have ,
i will not hesitate to let you know.
Lets forget about lust love and embrace agape love.
Please am very sorry if you didnt like what i said.
ME: There is no problem provided we’re close.
JUMMY: thank you so much. You’re just a replica of my elder brother in terms of understanding someone. ** she kissed me.
I la!d on the floor and i started asking her about her service(nysc).
When i want to sleep,i told her to help me with pillow and she did.
I told her that i want to sleep in the parlour,
That she can make use of the bedroom.***
“No we’ll sleep here together” she said.


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