MY MOTHER IN-LAW…..(18+)…..Part 14


ME: yes,
** I entered inside my room and brought out one Polo I haven’t wear since I bought it and wrapper and gave
to her.
She took it from me and entered my bedroom and changed her cloth.
I couldn’t believe that
a classic girl
like her can come to my house talk more of
sleeping over.
it seems as a dream to me that very day. **
JUMMY : what can I cook for you?
ME: I didn’t bought anything…..
JUMMY : then what do you want to eat?
ME: I’ll have like to eat eba but I think it’ll waste your time.
JUMMY : Am I going anywhere? Don’t worry I’ll prepare it.
** She entered the kitchen and I followed her to show her where I kept some of my cooking items.
she checked and the items were incomplete so she told me other things to buy.
I dashed out without minding if am weak or not. I went to our street and bought it from
there and entered immediately.
She started cooking while,
I was there keeping her company. **
ME : Did you came with your car?
JUMMY: yes. I’ve even forget to
ask you where to park.
Do you know how to drive, so that you’ll go and park it well.
ME: why not, I know how to drive.
JUMMY : The key is inside my handbag.
** I took the key from her handbag and left to where she parked the car.
I opened our gate and drove in.
parking it, I entered in. After some gist with her, I entered the parlour.
Some minutes later,
she entered the parlor and told me she is through.
I told her to serve the food that am very hungry.
Time check then,
was 7:45pm.
She served me food,
and told me that she want to bath before eating.
She entered the bathroom. I relaxed wella and was very happy.
“so na dis tin wey married men dey enjoy? omo I must marry dis year.
Some minutes later,
She entered the parlor where i was sitting and sat beside me.
I opened the food,
Omo the aroma of the food stabilized my brain and I looked at her.
She looked at me and asked me if I didn’t like the soup because of the way I looked at her.
“Who told you? I love it sweedy” I said.
We started eating together as husband and wife.

I couldn’t believe that she knew how to cook because most of this people that came from a wealthy family doesn’t know how to cook.
After eaten, she parked the plate to the washing sink.
She washed it and the other things she used in cooking and tidied up my kitchen before she entered the parlor.
I was just looking at her and couldn’t believe she was the one doing all this.
ME: I must confess, you’re the best cooker I’ve ever seen in my life. I couldn’t just believe you knew how to cook because of your background.
JUMMY: **smiled** Am the only child so I need to learn all that to help me in future.
My mum thought me everything about cooking and other things.
ME: jummy you’re the best, you can make a good wife. How I wish, you’re mine. Your fiance is a lucky man.
By the way, how is he?
JUMMY: Igwe, you’d amuse me with the way you talk a times. Who told you I’ve a fiance?
ME: nobody but at least, you’re old enough to have
Or are you telling me that you don’t have?
JUMMY: yes I don’t have. I broke up with him two months ago.
ME: why?
JUMMY: I didn’t know that he is a gay(bisexual). I caught him one bloody
Afternoon where he was making love with one guy he introduced to me some days ago as his friend.
ME: Jesus Christ!!!
Please our guys,keep off from gay(bisexual)
It’s better you be a womanizer than to indulge in homosexual.
To get a girl doesn’t cost anything.
If you don’t know how to talk to them,
Use money because I believe girls understands money than any other thing.
Sexual relationships between members of the
same s-x, however, expose gays, l£sb!ans and
bisexuals to extreme risks of Sexually
Transmitted Diseases (STDs), physical injuries,
mental disorders and even a shortened life
so keep off if you’re one of them


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