MY MOTHER IN-LAW…..(18+)…..Part 13


I was surprised when I opened the door and see her.
My mouth was widely opened as I was looking at her and she also noticed
that I was totally surprised.
JUMMY : igwe I hope am save this one you’re looking at me as if am not welcomed?
or are you with your bae?
ME: No, am not just that I didn’t expect you. you’re welcome my dear
JUMMY : thank you.
ME: what will I owe to this August visit.
JUMMY : hmmm…. me an August visitor?
ME: yes now. How can a noble lady like you come to visit a poor,
wretched person like me,
it is a honour,
i must confess.
So what do you care for?
JUMMY: Nothing just a chilled water,i’ll be ok.
** Thank God that day,
i left some water in the fridge and NEPA gave us
i ran to my small fridge and brought out a sacked water from
the freezer and offered her**
ME: please manage it like this, i dont have a table water.
please just accept it like this…..
JUMMY: ** she laughed ** igwe you’re funny oooh!
Who told you that am complaining? I’m ok with it.
What happened to your phone? I’ve been calling but its switched off.
I had a very terrible dream about you yesterday night.
ME: A terrible dream about me?
JUMMY: yes….. I saw you in the dream where you’re been beaten by some policemen,
your body was breading.

When I woke up in the morning, something tells me that you’re not feeling fine so I decided to call your number but it was not going through so
i decided to trace you by the way you described your street that first day we met.
ME: you tried my dear. I’m really feeling like a prince now.
Am so amazed how you located my house. you’re welcome once again to my poor house.
JUMMY: Thanks. I would’ve come on time but I was entering from one compound to another in search of you,
so that’s why I couldn’t come on time.
ME: so sorry about that.
you must be a good dreamer,
I was attacked by some guys yesterday night when I was coming back
from the birthday party.
I came back from the hospital in the afternoon.
So I lost my phone in the process.
JUMMY : After I had that dream, i knew something must be wrong because is
been a while I had dream.
So sorry,
how’re you feeling now?
ME: I’m feeling better by you in my side.
JUMMY : I hope they gave you some drugs?
ME: yes.
JUMMY : Have you eaten?
ME : no,, am so weak to cook.
JUMMY: Don’t worry, i wanted to go but since you’re weak,
lemme stay back and do that for you.
** I couldn’t believe what she said.
I thanked her for the comment she made. **
igwe do you’ve any cloth that I can use and change mine?


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