MY MOTHER IN-LAW…..(18+)…..Part 12


Val and Yvonne looked at each other for some minutes.
ME: please let’s go, I no com understand this una look.
We entered the val’s car and drove off. He dropped me in my house and they turned back.
As I was about to open our gate,
behold it has been locked.
OMG! I shrunk.
what will I do now and the worse part of it,
is that our street has a vigilantes.
I tried calling Val number for him to come and pick me so that I’ll sleep in his house but his number wasn’t going through.
I looked at the time and it’s 11:34pm.
I would’ve try Yvonne number but I didn’t have her number.
I was stranded and doesn’t know what to do. All the people that lived in our compound are married so is abnormal to call them by that time,
even if I call them,
they wouldn’t come out that time bcos is late.
As I stood there for some minutes,
my phone rang,
when I checked it,
it was Jummy.
ME: hello sweetie
JUMMY: hi,,,,,,,, igwe I hope you’ve went home?
ME: I’m still on my way home.
JUMMY : by this time??
ME: yes,I’m a man now ** I was looking around in fear as am discussing with Jummy **

JUMMY: please try and go home fast because of all this bad guys on the street.
ME: There is no problem my dear.
JUMMY : Take care and don’t forget to lemme know when you get home.
ME : I’ll my dear.
** As I dropped the call, I moved to one nearby shop and sat down.
Two hours later,
two guys from nowhere invaded me.
I was about asking them, what the problem is and one of them slapped me,
i staggered and held that particular guy that slapped me.
I didn’t know what came over me that night to fight them,
maybe it’s an alcohol I took that gave me the moral.
I gave him the bite of his life before the other guy hits me with a wooden plank.
I opened my eyes in the hospital,
there was a nurse beside me so I started asking her how did I get to that hospital and she told me that vigilantes brought me to the hospital last night.
“where is my phone? ” I asked her.
“sorry, there is nothing we found in your pocket accept your handkerchief and empty wallet” she replied.
I was helpless when she told me that.
I told the nurse that I want to see the doctor. She obliged and took me to the doctor.
After exchanging pleasantries with the doctor, I asked him about my hospital bill,
he told me that my neighbours from our compound have already paid.
I thanked him and left his office to my bed.
I took all my belongings and dashed out from the hospital.
when I got to our compound,
I started going from flat to flat to thank them for their care and support.
In the evening of that day, as I la!d on my sofa right in my parlour ,
someone knocked at my door.
I managed to stood up bcos I was so fatigue.
when I opened the door,
behold it was JUMMY.
Tonight gonna be hot.


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