MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 105


* after two days of prayers that seemed not to be having effect, the man of God asked to be left alone with me. He told me I have been captivated and I should have run completely mad if not for the strong spirit I have.
He told me that the only remedy is for me to confess all I have done and denounce whatever oath I have taken. I couldn’t so I decided to keep mute. I mean how will my parents react to all my confessions? How will I face them after that? It was really a big issue, I refused to confess anything till after a week when I felt my spirit left me.
* I can say I died, because all I saw was myself before a shining light, nobody around, just me, I was feeling so lonely, I kept walking to see if I’ll meet anyone but all I kept seeing was a bright light. Suddenly I felt something holding my legs and I couldn’t walk any further, as I kept struggling I fell to the floor and started screaming for help even though I knew there was no help coming forth. I kept screaming till I woke up to see my parents, siblings, and the prayer team. I was sweating furiously and I screamed “I’ll confess!” and started talking when I passed out.
* What happened I never knew but My mum told me at a later date that I kept talking over five hours, choking at intervals like I was being strangled. When I finally stopped talking she said I passed out and they thought I was dead but after some hours of prayer I got back to myself.

* All thanks to my parents and siblings they never made me feel dejected by any ill treatment, rather I was well taken care of.
I later got back to myself. I changed my sim card and I was told never to go back to Abuja.
Till after my graduation.
* sometime last year when I graduated from school and went back home I engaged my mum in a long talk about her uncle as I tried to trace who was the wife he left in Nigeria before travelling because throughout my final year in school I was cold and haunted with the fear that it was my cousin I had s*x with. Something kept telling me that Lady Ola, My madam and ex-lover is the wife of my uncle.
After the narration and pictures she showed me I was convinced Lady Ola was not the wife he left. She was…Lady Bisi! When my mum did show me the picture after he had contacted him to send a scanned copy I was shocked.
She was not so surprised I wanted to know about that uncle of mine because I had told her I was drawing a family tree which I want to use for a personal project.
* After a year I realised that lady Bisi the woman I thought was ugly who I had s*x with many times on three occasions was actually my aunt! But I was really glad Ada was not my cousin and Lady Ola was not the aunt I feared her to be.
* Just recently I got a call and guess who? It was Lady Ola! Saying she got my number from…
Which is one of the reasons am stopping this story and probably gonna deactivate my account!
Life is funny, I think it’s actually a comedian you can’t run away from all tyns


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