MY FATHER’S WIFE…..(18+)…..Part 4


I went downstairs when i saw a miss call
on my phone and it was from my step
I wore a mickey mouse short that was just
half way through my thighs which were
somehow hairy, and a singlet clad my
chest tight.
I entered the kitchen to find her already
washing rice on the sink with her back
faced towards the door.
My eyes popped as i was lavishly greeted
with that heavenly backside, perfect thighs
and legs.
She was wearing a very short skimpy gown
that i was sure you don’t have to pull up to
4 inches before you find her p**sy or
maybe panties as i guessed.
an apron was tied around her which
intensified my hardness, it was like
watching a p–n star in 3D pretending to be
a cook.
“Hey will you just stand there looking at me
or come over here and give me a hand”
She blurted out and i was jolted back to
consciousness surprised how i got lost in
the utopia of the a-s view.
I smiled shyly knowing full well she caught
me red handed drooling over her a-s, those
evil naughty smirk filled her face and her
eyes once again taking a quick scan of my
d**k region.
“So sky tell me…what do you love most in
girls?” her voice rang out in a most
surprising question.
i was thrown of guard as i nearly cut
myself slicing through tomatoes in a tray.
“Common dont be shy” She came again
with a smile, eyeing me.
“Uuuhm i love asses and round boobs” i
managed to answer giving out a shrieking
“Hmmmm i hope your girl friend have
them” Came yet another surprising
“eeeeehm she try shaa but not anything
near you, i mean your assets are epic”
Those words just escaped my mouth, never
had any intention of uttering them tho i
cant deny i had it in mind.
“Woooow so you love my assets?” she said
again though am not sure if it was
supposed to be a question.
She passed by me to get a spoon, her
scent filled my nostrils.
A fresh sweet flowery scent **Big thanks to
any cream she uses**
And strangely a small scent of p**sy, that
probably is a product of my naughty
“Yes i do, who wouldn’t kill for such a-s” I
replied smearing my reply with a laugh.
could see she was visibly blushing and i
took the initiative from there.
“You see, if not for God saving me i would
have rushed to grab em this afternoon at
the bathroom, tho it probably could have
landed me in a boiling pot of soup” I teased
with one of my eyes closed thinking maybe
i just crossed the line.
“Hahahahahaha am not so sure you would
be in any soup” I heard her say.
“Pass me those tomatoes already, a-s
I took the sliced tomatoes over to her as
she stood in front of the gas cooker, i
made sure i brushed my body lightly
against hers as i passed the bowl of sliced
which she rewarded me with a smile.
We talked about many things as the food
communed with the pot and fire.
politics, religion but most times she kept
dabbling into sex and relationship talks
which i was more than glad to show her
how mature and good i was at them.
“Ok the food is ready, now go and bath
then come down in 10minutes for dinner”
She announced.

I stretched my skeletal frame loudly as i
made to go up to my room.
“Dont you wanna get ur reward for helping
me out” Her voice sounded flirting.
**Taaaaaaaadaaa!!! what could the reward
be, maybe a piece of the chicken or
something** i thought within me making
my way to where she was.
“Ok am here, where is ma reward” i uttered
with a funny smirk.
She grabbed the neck of my white singlet
pulling it near to herself stretching it so
hard that i thought it might snap.
**What is she doing** i yelled in my mind
My brain literally switched off as i felt her
lips clasp mine.
Her lower lip was tucked in between my lips
as my upper lip were tucked in between
The softness of her lips and sweet smelling
aroma i got from it made my whole body
quack and my legs wobbled and the third
leg between my thighs rising to life in a
Her lips and tongues twirled in mine for like
8seconds before she broke the kiss,
chuckled and faced the food again.
“Now go up and get ready for dinner” Her
voice rang out of the blur snapping me out
of my hypnotized state, mouth agape and
hands paralysed as i stood there transfixed
like an imbecile.
I rushed upstairs with my d**k leading the
way, almost tearing my beloved mickey
mouse short.
Am sure she saw the hard on she caused
Am starting to think this girl was sent here
to torment my life.
Dinner went by normally, we talked and
joked over the food, with me taking little
peeps every now and then at the little
cleavage that was visible.
The night was torture for me, the kiss
couldnt go off my mind, what could she
have in mind…
I stayed awake nearly half of the sleeping
hours, recalling and replaying the kiss in 3D
in my mind.


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