MY ENCOUNTER WITH A JW (Jehovah’s Witness)…..(18+)…..Part 1

It was a bright Saturday morning….I woke up
around 6am after a
long day at work the previous day, as usual, I
brushed, picked up
my booth and jersey, called Sesan from the
other flat……….”Guy, its
time for field”……………….
We walked down to a secondary school pitch
close to our house
(That’s where guys play soccer every
weekend)……..There were
not too much people for set that day so we
ended a bit early like
around after 10. I went home straight with
sesan and two other
guys from the field but instead of the guys to
go to their house
straight, they decided to chill a bit at my
place. We were so tired.
Four of us decided to sit outside my house
and started gisting
about different things, from politics to girls
and football but
football takes the other of the day…Our
discussion was not without
some chilled spirit and sprite mixture couple
with some fried meat
which my girlfriend prepared for me for the

Suddenly, the someone opened our main
gate, for my mind
“oooohhhh, this people have come
again”…..Sesan quickly said
“Guy, abeg I dey go shower abeg”…………All
the other guys started
grumbling too…..i had no option than to wait
as they started
approaching us and I couldn’t stand up again
as it will be so
embarrassing to them………..”Awon oloshe wo
leleyi gan”…………It
was two guys and a lady that walked into my
compound….the two
guys carried hand bag which comes from
their shoulder down the
side of their thigh…..One of them was on suit
fully kitted while the
other put on just pant trouser, shirt and tie to
match it up. The lady
put on a blue shirt and black skirt with a
black big make
up or anything.
Ordinarily, this was not the first time am
seeing them coming to
preach for me but I was not just in the mood
that day at all………
they approached us and it was all joke here
and there…they preach
a bit and we sometimes change it to politics
with them and talk
about life generally…..Jokes do come in at
interval and the lady
seems to be a bit friendly likewise the guys
too……what we thought
will be a boring moment was actually all fun
except from the fact
that we were drinking and offered them part
of it which they
declined. They even preached to us to stop
drinking as it was not
a good idea and is a sin to God…”Oga, leave
that even Jesus
turned water to wine”………………

Before we knew it, it was almost like an hour
we have been
discussing, they gave us one of their
pamphlet to read through and
digest as they make their way out of the
compound..It was during
this moment one of the guy said
Guy 1: “Guy, una no see dat babe bottom…
see as e dey roll they
go, this is bad mehn”
Guy 2: Una think say I dey listen to the
preaching before? Na her
endowed bweast I just dey look since
oooo….the babe carry no be
Me:Na God go save una…..this one na JW
ooooo…..dem no dey do
that kind thing oooo
Guy 1: Forget that one abeg, na dem dey do
am pass
Guy 2: Tolu na confirm SU oooooo………………
and u no hw many
times I don collect pass for her body
Me: which Tolu b that?
Guy 2 : The same one wey you know
now….wey dey stay Anthony
Guy 1: Na lieu
Me:Guy, $get that one, no be the same tolu
wey I know…..the babe
dey too saint jare and no be like you she fit
fall for
Guy 2: Una dey doubt me?
Me: Yes now…………..who go believe you…..
He brought out his phone, scroll to the
picture gallery..what we
saw was alarming…different pics of tolu lying
down on his bed, the
one they snapped together and all sort of
romantic bed mood
pictures..we were totally convinced that he
has actually done
something with Tolu and it was a great
surprise to us. (That’s life,
never trust any babe …………ALL BABE HAVE


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