MY BLOOD SISTER…..(18+)…..Part 1

My name is Rita, I am 23 years old, my dad is dead, he died five years ago, when I was about sitting for my West Africa examination, my mum have been trying her best to raise me and my younger sister up, I love my family so much, that I have to do anything just to see them smiling, but the question is, do they also love me the way I love them, will they also do anything just to make me also smile, I dont know the answer to this question, but we have to find out, one afternoon, I came back home so happy, shouting

RITA: mother, mama, mama (my mother came out running out with my sister charity)
MAMA RITA: Rita what is it, why are you shouting my name
RITA: mama good news, I am so happy
CHARITY: Rita what is it, you look happy
RITA: mama, I have gotten admission again to study law
MAMA RITA: what, this is good new my daughter
CHARITY: Yes mama, it is, I am happy for you my sister
RITA: thank you charity, I can’t wait to go to school

MAMA RITA: I wish you could go to school to study this law, but my daughter you cannot
RITA: Mama, what are you saying, what are you telling me again, this year
MAMA RITA: that is the truth rita, where will I see money, do you want me to start what I cannot finish
RITA : mama please, this is the third time, I am getting admission to study in the university, you keep telling me next year, this is the third time now
MAMA RITA : that is true my daughter, I know I have been telling you next year, but I have to tell you the truth now, I cannot, I cannot train you in school, how will I be paying your school fees
RITA : mama, please, charity is here, he will be assiting you in farm work to see me through the university, mama please
MAMA RITA: hahahaha, which charity, is it this one that is not strong, please oo, please oo, you know how I managed to raise her up, because of her health, please I dont want to stress her at all
RITA : mama, but charity is fine now, she was a kid then now
MAMA RITA : forget the dream of going to school, because I can’t
CHARITY: mama you are right oo, me I’m dont have power to suffer for anyone at all
MAMA RITA : hahahaha I know you my daughter (my mother walk in, then I cried out)
RITA : (crying)
CHARITY: Rita, why are you crying now, please you better stop crying oo, you are making us to look like bad person, we cannot start what we cannot finish, that is just the true


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