MR IRRESISTIBLE…..(18+)…..Part 1

My subconscious mind,
Give away to conscious
My heart beat took
an acquaited but
a sudden new rythmn, a faint
Sound of a machine.
“Ti ti ti!”
I open my heavy eyelids,
my eyes took it offensive by momentarily,
I tilted my head towards the wall
the paint register to
my head.
the door opened presenting a
lady on white uniform.
what am I doing in a
Nurse: doctor, he is a wake.
she disappeared from my
probing sight.
that only explains the non-friendly

I hate hospitals.
so all was just a dream, it
really a zigzag thought.
the doctor came in with another nurse,
with the other one who left.
I was removed from life support
and taken to ward.
my parents were contacted,
they envade my ward.
My mom; aaahhh! Thank you Jesus, for bringing my son back to life.
My Dad: doctor Ben, thank you so much for your help, you are really a good doctor.
Doc. Ben: you are welcome Chief, I need to see to other patients.
They both shook hand, doctor Be
afterward, am not seeing Chichi

Me: what really happened to me?
My Dad: you have been in a coma for several Months.
my eyes widen, it means I have…
Oh God..
Me; where is my wife?
My mom: which wife? The one that almost killed you, eehhhnn.. she is in cell.
No, no, she doesn’t deserve being in
am the one that suppose to be
Me; mom, dad, you have to release her right away, do it as a favor on my side.
My dad: on one condition.
Me: which is?
My dad: you will divorce her, I cannot let my only son marry a criminal as wife.
I nodded, I really needed my freedom
more than anything, my dad shifted
metres from
us to make a call.
My mom: what really happened that day you were shot?
Me: I returned from work, only to hear a scream from the kitchen, on reaching there I find someone trying to rape my wife, we struggle to get hold of the gun in his possession but none of us could, we settled for fists but I was over-powered that left my wife no choice but to use the gun to set me free, but she misfired.
My mom: hmmm… but Chidimma didn’t narrate so, and your wife didn’t also say what you are saying.
hope those fools didn’t expose
I know am actually lying
really happened that day.



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