FUNKE MY S£XY SECRETARY…..(18+)…..Part 1

My name is john, I was fortunate to be
employed in a big company after my
nysc where I happen to be the general
manager of the company.
I was given a personal secretary, my
secretary happens to be a spiritual and
decent woman, she recently got married
and later resigned. The hunt for a new
secretary began, several ladies wrote
application letter.
30 ladies made entries for the post,a
lady called funke was lucky to be
employed. This was how my sex journey
in the company started.
Funke resumed work on Monday
wearing a tight short skirt with a round
neck top which revealed her sexy figure.
When she came into my office to submit
a file I got lust in f—–g her so I made up
my mind that my p—k must to taste her
To cut the long story short I was given
an appointment with a foreign company
agent in Abuja and I was to be
accompanied with a lady so I nominated

We lodged at an hotel whereby only one
room was available so we decided to
sleep together , on hearing this my p—k
dn dy give me sign say today na today ,
I had to control it from revealing my aim.
When we got inside I went to shower
and change because it was already late.
After I had shower and changed funke
also headed to the bathroom this was
how I started to plan how to execute my
devilish plans . So as she headed to the
bathroom I changed into a short and
acting as if I was sleeping, when she
came inside and saw me on the bed
thinking I was fast asleep she dropped
the towel wrapped her around her sexy
body revealing her full bossoms it was
from there I started suspecting she’s a
nursing mother but my other brain
between my two legs was busy telling
me not to bother about that .

When she
backed me I stood up gently and
grabbed her boobs from the back and
squeezing them gently and to my
greatest surprise she did not resist it, all
she did was stretch her hand and dip it
into my shorts to reveal my full grown
devil and she was shocked at the size of
Funke: Oga na only u get this black
Me: Na so we see am
She just smiled and went back on her
kneels sucking my devil and it’s ball like
there’s no tomorrow which I was really
enjoying so in order not to c-m soon I
stylishly stopped her from sucking and
lifted her and droped her on the bed and
brought my devil to the entrance of her
p—y it was dripping so much like a
water fall immediately I inserted my devil
into her p—y, she screamed out loud
saying oga this tin too big o take am


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