FREDRICK, CAN YOU FVCK ME?…..(18+)…..Part 1

Fredrick and I has always been this s*x craved couples. We could F**K till night fall and then F**K till dawn with just 20 minutes Intervals. I liked the body pain afterwards, it made me feel special, and the traces left on my body like he was trying to mark his territory. We have been married for 2 years now and were both blessed with a son , “my little guardian angel” I nick named him, he was such a beauty.
Deji was just 5 months old when I started noticing the constant drench in between my legs, the doctor was right about being s*x craved after delivering. Fredrick and I enjoyed a very spontaneous s*x life before I became pregnant. We could F**K virtually anywhere, in the kitchen, on top of the dinner table, in the bathroom and even in the garage, we were animals. Now I spend 60 percent of my day thinking about Fredrick J0yst!ck and the other 40 percent was about b0s0m feeding Deji which of course left wet patches on my underwear.

Birthing Deji was a gift but I had to lose a lot too, Fredrick doesn’t put me to sleep with his J0yst!ck anymore ,I had to sleep countless nights without having that J0yst!ck buried in me , I tried giving him signals but he was indifferent, I did exercises to keep in shape so I could parade myself half Unclad but still no response, he was completely numb.
Numerous thoughts ran through my head, was he doing this just because he didn’t want any issues because of my complicated child birth or was he no longer interested in my body.

” Fredrick, can you F**K me?” I was blunt now, I didn’t have time seducing him anymore or trying to get an eye of attention, I just wanted his J0yst!ck. He looked shocked, he stared at me for some time probably not expecting those words. My head was bent down and I couldn’t look him in the eye, this was the very first time I verbally asked him for s*x . He stared too long, i regretted ever making that move. Suddenly he said ” Austin and I are planning on buying a car today, it’s about time I start going ” , got up from the bed and walked out of the bed room. I felt lost, I managed to hold back the tears that seemed to have already fallen, Deji cried all afternoon, like he felt his mummy’s pain.
I decided not to discuss anything that was s*x related with Fredrick. I was hurt and decided to ignore the throbbing in between my legs, by the next week my K!ttyC@t was drooling and calling for a J0yst!ck so Most times Deji was fast asleep and my husband was at work I would bury my fingers so deep in my drenched
K!ttyC@t, spreading my legs as far as it could go fingering hell out of my cu-nt.


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