I stood there staring at the huge men that
stood over me, i couldn’t even tell if i was
terrified as my brain was completely shut
out from all actions but all of a sudden it
began with a slap, a mighty one that i can
swear that i saw stars, then another slap
came in and this time around my eyes
reacted as tears trickled down my face, i
then began pleading for mercy but this only
earned me more slaps and blows.

Ist man: I said open your legs (the first
man shouted at me and i realising that i
had no choice with pains in my heart i
slowly parted my legs and before i could
count to one, he inserted his huge d–k into
my Virginia and i let out a painful scream
as he continued banging me)

let me cut this story my name is tumininu
but people call me mini as in someone
small, i know u are all wondering why am
been banged by those men well i am an
orphan at least thats what i think, i never
met my father or my mother but i was
raised by the owner of a brothel u know the
place where prostitutes stay,, the owner a
woman mama d raised me but she made
me a young sex girl that older men pay
money to bang and i hav no choice but to
obey mama d in order for me to be fed,
least i forget am 17years old and i was first
banged by mama d’s son john when i was
just 13, he launched me that was wat
mama d said to me. Let me take u back to
that first time that i got banged


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